If you believe in yourself nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. I do a lot of reading about philosophies and ideas to change your thinking to  achieve success and a positive lifestyle.  Almost all of the literature explains that to achieve something you want you must first  visualize it in your mind.  It is suggested that after you visualize your goal you write it down along with all the steps to reach your goal. Then you should  read it daily or as often as possible. As a result of this your mind will recognize this thought and help you take actions to reach this goal. One should not stop at one goal. The sky is the limit, but have reasonable expectations because some things take time and hard work is a necessity.

The Power of Positive Thinking Norman Vincent Peale

10 Ways To Help Love Yourself

​                 ​By: Keith Mitchell

​1. Try to avoid being perfect. Perfection is just an idea. It is unattainable. Just do your best.

​2. Overcome negative beliefs about  yourself.

​3.  List the positive traits you exhibit.

​4. Be patient with yourself. Don't be in a rush. Things will happen when they are supposed to.

5. Don't compare yourself to others.

​6. Forgive your past. Live in the present.

​7. Find new hobbies or enjoy existing ones. Doing things we love always puts us in a positive mindset.

​8. Stimulate your endorphins by exercising etc. It is a scientific fact that stimulating your endorphins makes you feel better physically and mentally.

​9. Help the less fortunate. Volunteer, donate if possible, and generally just try to help others. Helping others always helps ourselves.

​10.  Talk, Talk, Talk. Talking to people can be beneficial in helping ourselves and others . It is a means of communication that help express what we are thinking which can be very therapeutic.

​​​Visualize Your Goals

Write A Letter

Many of us have lost someone we didn't get to tell how we felt about them whether it was good or bad. Some of us have unresolved conflicts with someone we have no way of getting in touch with. If you need some way to deal with these problems try writing a letter. Write a letter as if it were the last chance you had to tell this person how you felt about them. Use this opportunity to let go of everything you need to say. Then you can read it aloud to someone or just read it aloud in general. I've found reading it aloud to someone else is very helpful. After you've read it aloud it should help relieve some stressful emotions. This letter can only help on journey to  moving forward. I wrote a letter to my  great grandmother  a few years after she passed away. This is how it reads:

Dear Gram,

 It has been almost two years since you have passed away. I miss you so much. I'm so grateful you are my grandmother. I will always cherish the times we had. Thank you so much for being there for me and Anthony when we were young.  I know you are my grandmother but you were more like a second mom. I love you so much. I wish I could have been there more for you like you were there for us. I've been through a lot the last nine years and I'm not where I wanted to be. I wish you could have seen me excel a little more in life. I wish you could have seen me become the man that I'm going to become. I will always regret not seeing you more the last years of your life. Know that I always loved and will love you. I can't take back the past but I can live honorably in your memory. When people tell me how well I act, I tell them how I was raised by three great women, one of them being you. I am proud to be your grandson. You were a great woman. I don't know if you know how much I loved and respected you, but know that it can't be measured. It hurts me that you will never get to meet the children I might have, but when they ask about you I'll tell them she was the strongest, most beautiful, greatest woman I have ever known. she was your great great grandmother. I love you with all my heart gram. Thanks for always being there. I will see you again soon.

                                         Love Tim

John C. Maxwell

Eleanor Roosevelt

H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Josh Billings

Marion Wright Edelman

Norman Vincent Peale

Elizabeth Murray

T.D. Jakes

Alan Watts

Eric Thomas: (TGIM)

It Is Time

When the pain is deep,

And the sorrow seems so real,

Then it is time to take a leap,

Time to change your thinking, so better you will feel,

It seems impossible and so hard to do,

But the power of change lies inside of you,

All you need to do is take it a day at a time,

Little by little you can begin to change and heal your mind,

So you can look in the mirror at someone you are proud to see,

The person you are meant to be.

                                                        - T.B.


​​We Never Arrive

(Finding Happiness) We delude ourselves if we believe that our happiness and well-being will come when we reach a certain goal. Whatever happiness and well-being we obtain must come through the process of living in ordinary, everyday situations.

 If we observe carefully, we'll find lots of happy people who are in situations or work that we might consider unpleasant. It is not the work or the situation that creates the happiness and fulfillment. What counts is the attitude toward it. Many of us have tried to find happiness, here and now, in false ways. But it is available to us, here and now, in ordinary living.

 I'll be happy today in knowing that I'm blessed with the ordinary tasks of life. -Anonymous ​

Inspirational Books

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Positive Change Theory

One percent a day.  Change one thing. One thing a day that you would usually do negative to a positive. Instead of arguing with someone keep quiet and walk away or instead of making and excuse for something you did or said wrong  just say sorry. At the end of one day you have changed one percent. At the end of a week you  have changed seven percent.  At the end of a month thirty percent, and at the end of  a year you have changed over three hundred percent in  a positive direction. Just from changing one seemingly little action a day you can change your thinking in an enormous way.

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Ideas to make your day less stressful and more positive
- Meditation
- Exercising
- Read a book

- Listen to music
- Have a conversation with someone
- Take a nap
- Write in your journal or diary
- Take a minute to breathe in the air and realize you are alive and life is a beautiful thing

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